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Definition : Ensuring that all maintenance practices for components associated with the bearing are at a level to allow the maximum performance of the bearing . These include installation practices, tools used, skills of millwrights, the accuracy of mating components, alignment, and balancing of the rotating assembly. BY DOUGLAS MARTIN. Let's start with a discussion about the effects of a lack of precision maintenance. There was a case of an oil refinery that was having a recurrent failure of a fan. The mean time between repair (as the vibe crew would pick out a defect) was six months. Looking back, I remember how proud the vibe team was and how an outer ring of a bearing on display, marked in paint pen $10,000 in savings, to demonstrate their successful diagnostics. When attending the installation, the first question the millwright asked was why was the tapered adapter sleeve so loose on the shaft prior to driving the bearing up the sleeve? Indeed, it easily slid onto the sh