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Top 8 Reasons for Mechanical Seal Failure and How to Prevent Them

Mechanical seals are critical components of pumps, responsible for maintaining a fluid-tight seal between the rotating shaft and the stationary pump housing. However, these seals can fail due to various factors, leading to leakage, reduced pump efficiency, and costly downtime. In this article, we will discuss the top reasons for mechanical seal failure in pumps and how to prevent them. 1-Improper Seal Selection Choosing the wrong mechanical seal can cause it to fail. Consider the following factors that can contribute to seal failure: • Chemical compatibility: All seal components, such as the seal faces and O-rings, must be compatible not only with the process fluid being pumped, but also with non-process fluids used for cleaning, steam, acid, and caustic flushes, etc. • Physical degradation: Using soft seal faces on abrasive liquids will not last. Shear-sensitive liquids, like chocolate, can break down and leave behind solids (such as cocoa powder) and force out liquids (like oil). • S

Operation and Maintenance of Screw Compressors

Intermittent motion compressors, or non-continuous flow compressors, include screw compressors which are categorized as medium flow and medium pressure compressors when compared to other compressor types based on pressure/flow charts. The screw compressor gets its name from the two screws it contains, one of which is mounted with the prime mover (motor, turbine) and the other is driven. The screws are mounted together by gears and rotate in opposite directions to each other, squeezing the compressed air with oil in the compression zone to raise its pressure according to the direction of rotation of the driver (counter-clockwise). During operation, the compressed air is mixed with oil (flooded type) inside the compressor. The compressed oil and air are then separated in an oil separation unit, with the air being removed to the discharge line and the oil being returned to the oil filter for filtration before being returned to the suction of the compressor. This compressor type is kno