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Dry Gas Seal Failure Modes

BY BHUSHAN NIKAM. Invented in the mid-20th century and typically equipped in process gas centrifugal, dry gas screw compressors and expanders, dry gas seals (DGS) are the preferred gas lubricated dry seal solutions available on the market. They have become the standard for new machines. DGS are robust, simple, consume less power, and are more efficient in reducing leakage than their predecessor. Various configurations such as tandem with and without an intermediate labyrinth ( Figure 1 ), single ( Figure 2 ), and double ( Figure 3 ) are available & shall be selected based on process requirements. In this article, we discuss the various DGS failure modes and how they should be addressed:  PRESSURIZED HOLD/STANDBY Pressurized hold, also called settle-out condition, occurs when the compressor remains at a standstill, but the casing is pressurized. If an alternate process gas lacks sufficient pressure and flow, process gas enters the seal cavity through the process labyrinth and